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Myst taught me




that you could be smart and adventurous and didn’t have to hurt anyone to be a hero

that struggling through to solve a problem is better than cheating your way around it

that sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut, the solution is right in front of you

to always do what you know is right, even when everyone is pushing you another way

that pride comes before the Fall and that humility leads to Rebirth

that even the best make mistakes and sometimes they can’t be fixed and you have to move on

to stop and wait and listen and observe, because otherwise you’ll miss something

that no one is beyond redemption, no matter their past actions

that sometimes you’re going to feel Called to something, and you won’t have an explanation

that people are neither all good nor all evil, but somewhere in between

that anything can hold meaning and teach us something: a journal, a cat, family or friends, a word, a phrase, a scratched drawing on the wall, a home in the desert, the loss of a loved one, the beauty of rain, a book fallen through a fissure

or even just a computer game and the worlds it created and the universe it led to

all this and that writing could be exactly as important as i feel it is in my bones

#Myst Thoughts

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So I made a thing


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Upon second viewing, I have definitely concluded that Guardians of the Galaxy is even better when you imagine it as a tabletop campaign with an increasingly frustrated DM who’s sick of being interrupted.

GM: “Roll 2d10.”
Peter: “Red high. Twelve.”
GM: “You have 12 percent of a plan.”

The entire prison break scene was just Rocket’s player rolling knowledge checks on every turn until something worked.

  • When Drax’s player said, “I go into the phone booth and call Ronan to Knowhere”, the DM stared open-mouthed for a minute, then called break time. The rest of the party was speechless.
  • Pretty much just in general, Drax’s player is one of those people who thinks Chaotic Neutral means “throws self at shit for the lulz” and is really fortunate he didn’t have many other opportunities to derail the campaign.
  • Gamora’s player gets really exasperated by the entirety of the campaign. They rolled a character with a tragic backstory and clear hooks to the villain to expand on, and had no idea that everyone else was going to be so silly. It leads to begging the party to just once execute a normal plan because look at Gamora’s stealth bonus, this min/maxed assassin needs a chance to use her abilities, please.
  • Rocket’s a skill monkey who, if not for Drax’s grand display of idiocy, would have gladly derailed the campaign with absurd plans.
  • Groot was a joke idea someone came up with that people ended up liking too much.
  • Ronan’s confusion when Star Lord began dancing was the DM’s confusion verbatim.
  • The DM now vetoes Chaotic Neutral characters on principle.
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Headcanon that Wendy is a total CSI/crime drama nerd.

Like you know that breaking into an abandoned convenience store where a “murder” took place was totally her idea. And all the other teens were at first like, “…uh yea, Yeah! That sounds totally rad!” cuz Wendy’s the coolest and they’re dumb teenagers. And she totally nerded out with the blacklight because she’s adorable.

Also she’s got like, a random poster of a chalk outline hanging on her bedroom wall??? Ok, Wendy.

*OH! Also she definitely watches those murder shows on ID and stuff.

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Pacifica: You’re allowed to eat in the car?
Pft. Yeah, the car is where secret surprise snacks happen.

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I love this au, so here’s a quick sketches haha